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It’s alive!

Woah, okay. This is a big deal. A whole new website, with a blog and everything!

OK, it’s really not that big. Not the site in itself—anyway. Moreso is the reason that I needed it.

You see, I only just recently had a dramatic change of heart (which is very me, by the way), and ditched my former pen name. The one where I’d published two books, already had a website, a Goodreads account, and several social media accounts. Oops?

But honestly, it was too much work keeping up separate identities. I barely have time to be me as it is, besides taking care of the day job–I definitely don’t have the time to be two people. Therefore, I decided to let go of the pen name Nina del Arce and use my legal name to promote all my future work.

That being said, I haven’t yet completely decided what to do with the two series that I started under my pen name (I know, shocking!). But I’ve been stuck on the sequels for years—partially because I’ve been far too busy doing other things, to be fair, but also due to a change in my creative agenda. I just don’t feel like working on those books right now, so I’m not going to. I may return to the series at a later time, but for now they are put on ice. The books will still be available through Amazon, though!

Anyway. I’m working on new things. I’m excited to write again—and that’s worth a lot. Here’s hoping you guys want to join me as I continue on my writing journey in the years to come!



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