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Real talk: I’m not sure if I could really live without music. My writing and the characters in my stories most certainly would not!

Because music has always been so central to my life, I’ve been in the habit of associating songs with my stories and characters for years. It’s a whole thing! You can count on me making a playlist for every project I’m even half serious about.

And, you know. It doesn’t feel fair not to share the riches. <3 So these are a few of my favourite playlists, associated with some of my current or past projects.

A FOOL’S ERRAND [story inspiration] – Spotify link
My soundtrack for when I work on my current work in progress “A FOOL’S ERRAND”.

CEMETERY SHIFT [author’s list] – Spotify link
The soundtrack I listened to while working on CEMETERY SHIFT. I still see graveyards and revenants when I listen to this!

REVIVED [author’s list] – Spotify link
Vampires in Victorian England? Of course! REVIVED is the book, this is the playlist.